Faculty & Staff

Terri Adams-Fuller

Terri Adams-Fuller Associate Dean of Social Sciences,
Associate Professor & Coordinator of Administration of Justice Program

Criminology, & Gender Studies, Sociology of Disasters
PhD, Howard University

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 210D
phone: 202-806-9358
email: tadams-fuller@howard.edu


Flordeliz T. Bugarin

Flordeliz T. Bugarin (Affiliated)
Associate Professor

Cultural Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, Archaeology, African, African Diaspora Studies, Urban Anthropology, & Gender Studies
PhD, University of Florida

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 210C
phone: 202-806-9357
email: florie_bugarin@yahoo.com

Johnnie Daniel

Johnnie DanielProfessor & Coordinator of Sociology Undergraduate Program

Sociology of Law, Social Psychology, Political Sociology, Research Methods & Statistics 
PhD, Michigan University; 
JD, Georgetown University Law Center

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 212D
phone: 202-806-9354
email: jdaniel202@msn.com


Walda Katz-Fishman

Walda Katz-Fishman Professor

Social Inequality: Race/Ethnicity, Class, Gender/Sexuality, Political Economy, Theory and Sociology of Knowledge
PhD, Wayne State University

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 229
phone: 202-806-5327
email: wkatzfishman@igc.org


Ralph C. Gomes

Ralph C. GomesProfessor

Social Inequality: Race/Ethnicity, Class, Gender/Sexuality; Social Psychology, Political Economy, and Urban Sociology
PhD, The Pennsylvania State University 

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 212E
phone: 202-806-9230
email: rgomes@howard.edu


Christopher Gunderson

Christopher GundersonAssistant Professor

Social Theory; Social Movements and Contentious Politics; Race, Class and Gender; Globalization
PhD, City University of New York Graduate Center

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 210D



Marie Jipguep-Akhtar

Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Program

Urban Sociology, Social Inequality and Research Methods and Statistics
PhD, Howard University 

office: Douglass Hall, Rm B-23C
phone: 202-806-7337
email: mjipguep-akhtar@howard.edu


Eleanor M. King

Eleanor M. KingAssociate Professor

Archaeology, Anthropological Theory, History of Anthropology/ Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, New World Cultures, & Origins of Inequality
PhD, University of Pennsylvania 

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 224
phone: 202-806-5225
email: emking@howard.edu


Ivor L. Livingston

Ivor L. LivingstonProfessor

Medical Sociology& Social Psychology 
PhD, Howard University; MPH, Harvard University; C.H.E.S., The National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 207
phone: 202-806-6853
email: ilivingston@howard.edu


Ron Manuel

Ron ManuelProfessor & Coordinator of Research

Gerontology, Social Psychology, and Methods and Statistics
PhD, Oklahoma State University

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 212B
phone: 202-806-9394
email: rmanuel@howard.edu


Bahiyyah Muhammad

Bahiyyah MuhammadAssistant Professor

Applied Criminology, Corrections, Mass Incarceration, Families and Crime, Children of Prisoners and Inside-Out Teaching Pedagogy
PhD, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 210A
phone: 202-806-6664
email: bahiyyah.muhammad@howard.edu


Tariqah A. Nuriddin

Tariqah A. NuriddinAssistant Professor

Medical Sociology, Gerontology, Health Disparities, and Race, Class & Gender Studies
PhD,, M.S. Purdue University

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 210B
phone: 202-806-6665
email: tnuriddin@howard.edu


Rubin Patterson

Rubin PattersonProfessor and Department Chair

Environmental inequality and sustainability Sustainable Southern African development 
PhD, Howard University

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 207
phone: 202-806-6858
email: rubin.patterson@howard.edu


Arvilla Payne-Jackson

Arvilla Payne-JacksonProfessor and Coordinator of Anthropology

Medical Anthropology, Sociolinguistics, Cultural Anthropology, Service Learning, & Ethnographic Field Methods
PhD, The University of Pennsylvania

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 202
phone: 202-806-7335
email: Apjo7@comcast.net


Tracy Perkins

Tracy PerkinsAssistant Professor

Environmental Justice; Environmental Health; Social Movements; Digital Sociology
PhD University of California, Santa Cruz
MS University of California, Davis

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 210C
phone: 202-806-9357
email: tracy.perkins@howard.edu


Ernest Quimby

Ernest QuimbyProfessor and Coordinator of the Administration of Justice Program

Criminology, Deviance; Community-Based Participatory Research; Social Policy; Mental Health; Criminal Justice; Substance Use Disorders 
PhD, CUNY Graduate Center

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 229A
phone: 202-806-6819
email: equimby@howard.edu


Rebecca Reviere

Rebecca Reviere Professor

Medical Sociology Gerontology, Social Psych., Family Sociology & Gender Studies
PhD, Florida State University

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 227
phone: 202-806-5326
email: rreviere@howard.edu


Vernetta D. Young


Criminology, Victimology, & Gender Studies
PhD, SUNY at Albany

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 222
phone: 202-806-5325
email: vyoung@howard.edu


Joanna Bonner

Joanna BonnerAdministrative Assistant

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 207
phone: 202-806-6858/53
email: joanna.bonner@howard.edu