Faculty & Staff

Arvilla Payne-Jackson

Arvilla Payne-JacksonProfessor and Coordinator of Anthropology

Medical Anthropology, Sociolinguistics, Cultural Anthropology, Service Learning, & Ethnographic Field Methods
PhD, The University of Pennsylvania

office: Douglass Hall, Rm 202
phone: 202-806-7335
email: Apjo7@comcast.net

Teaching Areas

Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics/Sociolinguistics, Medical Anthropology, Service Learning

Publications (2003-2008)


In press
The Legacy of African Traditional Medicine: Mind Body and Spirit. Kingston, Jamaica: Pelican Publishers. (With Dr. Henry Lowe and Cynthia Johnson.)

2007 Conserving Place: Prince William Forest Park – 1900-1945. Washington, DC: U.S. National Park Service. (with Dr. Sue Taylor)

2007 Prince William Forest Park: Conserving Space and Place. Washington, D.C.: U.S. National Park Service. (With Dr. Sue Taylor)

2004 Jamaica’s Folk Medicine: A Source of Healing. (With Dr. Mervyn Alleyne) Kingston, Jamaica: University of the West Indies Press.


In press
Mario Vargas Llosa’s: El Hablador. The Metamorphosis of Saul Zuratas – Ethnical Challenges for Ethnological Researchers, Proceedings of ALDEEU Conference, Burgos, Spain, July 5-9.

2008 “If the Lord Wills It.” Stephanie Mitchem & Emilie Townes (eds.) Faith, Health, and Healing in African American Life, 100-115, Praeger Press.

2006 “RARE: AIDS in the Shadow of Politics.” Benjamin Bowser, Merrill Singer and Ernest Quimby (Eds.) When Communities Assess their AIDS Epidemic: Results of Rapid Assessment of HIV/AIDS in Nine American Communities. Lanham: Lexington Books, (with Dr. Ernest Quimby).

2005 “Magic, Witchcraft and Healing.” L. Barnes and I. Talamantez (Eds.),Teaching of Religion in Anthropology, Oxford University Press.

2005 Evaluation as a Form of Experiential Learning at Howard University.Community Works Journal: A Resource Journal of Learning Experiences that Build Community. Spring/Summer Issue, Vol. 8(1), (with Dr. Rodney Green).

2005 A Model of Service Learning. Proceedings of the Twelfth International Literacy Conference on Learning. University of Granada, Spain, July 11-14, (with Ms. Ajeenah Haynes). Online.

2005 Fostering Social Capital and Community Capacity for Change: Strategies and Impacts of Two Service Learning Teams. The Bridge. (with Dr. Linda Camino)

2005 Traditional Remedies: Legacy from the Past – Implications for the Future.Proceedings of the CARAPA Conference, Saint Lucia. (with Dr. Steve Beckstrum-Sternberg).

2004 Traditional Concepts and Institutions in Cross-Cultural Perspective. Tazim Kassam, (Ed.) in Religious Studies News: Spotlight on Teaching.

2004 Graffiti as a Sense of Place: Lorton Prison, Virginia. Reflections, Special Edition Prison Literacy. Winter Edition.

Grants (2003-2008)

  • 2008 Establishing Typicality of High-Level Features for Forensic Speaker Recognition. DHS/USSS Program, MIT- $50,000
  • 2007 District of Columbia Department of Health Elderly Persons Disabled Program and the Medical House Call Program - $7000
  • 2005-2006 Howard University Academic Excellence Grant - $6,000
  • 2004-2006 US National Park Service: Prince William Forest Park Project - $30,000
  • 2003-2004 Howard University Service Learning Grant: - $3,000

Professional Affiliations (2003-2008)

  • Society of Applied Anthropology
  • Society of Medical Anthropology
  • American Anthropological Association
  • The Middle Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies
  • Linguistic Society of America
  • Society of Caribbean Linguistics
  • The Society of Woman Geographers
  • Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists
  • Elder Southminster Presbyterian Church, Fort Washington, MD.

Community Activities

2008 Asset Mapping of Shaw/Logan Circle Community (with ROOT, Inc.)

2008 Member of Cameron Christian Women and Christian Men’s Fellowship

2007 Howard University and ROOT, Inc.: First National Community in Action Youth Summit

2007-pres Board Member – Ozziddi Project

2007-pres Member of ROOT National Task Force for Community in Action Program

2007-pres Member Chesapeake Choral Arts Society; Fort Washington Community Singers

2005 Fourth Annual Consortium Breakfast: 

2004 Third Annual Consortium Breakfast: Ending the Cycle of Violence, by Breaking the Silence: One People, One Voice, One Goal

2004-pres Consultant/Board of Directors – ROOT, Inc.

2003-2004 Advisor: Alpha Nu Omega Sorority

2003/2004 Consultant/Board of Directors – Solutions VII, Inc. (Faith-based organization serving ex-offenders)

2000/04 Evaluator: Department of Labor – Youth Opportunities Grant – Community Wellness Assessment

2003 McNair Mentor

2003 Evaluation: Bruce Monroe Even Start Family Literacy Program

2003 Second Annual Consortium Breakfast: Bridging the Gap

2003-pres Elder – Southminster Presbyterian Church; Member of Outreach Committee; Member of Committee on Prevention of Domestic Violence