graduate: Organization of Graduate Sociologists

What is OGS?

The Organization of Graduate Students (OGS) is student-run and student-led research, development, and activist organization. It operates under the guidelines and rules as set forth by the Office of Student Activities and the guidelines for student organizations as set forth by the Howard University Association Constitution.

Purpose of OGS

The purpose of OGS is to provide internal support of the graduate students of Sociology at Howard University. It is the purpose of OGS to promote professional development, community activism and academic excellence, to assist the members in understanding the importance of practically applying scholarly theories, and providing networking opportunities for students in the field of Sociology.


Membership in OGS is open to all graduate students in good standing at Howard University who are willing to contribute to the goals of the organization. It is not mandatory for students participating in the outside activities of the group (i.e., lecture series, book forums, study groups) to be official members of OGS.

Membership in good standing refers to those members who have met the financial and other requirements of the organization.

Students interested in membership in OGS must complete and submit an application to organization. There will be annual dues of ten dollars ($10), or five dollars ($5) per semester for all members.

Contact OGS

You can contact OGS through the Howard University Sociology Department
(202-806-6853) or email OGS at