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Spring 2015 New Course: Inside Out

Bahiyyah MuhammadIn Spring 2015, Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad will be teaching a new course: SOCI 113: Inside-Out: Crime and Justice Beyond the Wall. This class is a unique opportunity to explore issues of crime and justice from inside a correctional facility. The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program brings together students from universities and students who are incarcerated to learn about and discuss topics such as the causes of crime, victims, the rationale of the criminal justice system, restorative justice, the prison industrial complex and the cradle to prison pipeline. Through the readings and dialogue, inside and outside students will be able to integrate their theoretical knowledge with lived experiences. It is through this exchange that Dr. Muhammad hopes to critically analyze and challenge the current system in the U.S. that has resulted in a higher incarceration rate than other similar countries.

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